Partner Q&A: Praize Productions, Inc.

By Enneressa Davis, Founder and President, Praize Productions, Inc.


Praize Productions, Inc., (PPI) is a community organization focused on arts enrichment infused with education and social programming for people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences. PPI provides students across Chicagoland with professional training, mentorship and performance opportunities.

How do you define a ‘well’ community?

For Praize Productions, Inc. a ‘well’ community means working together for positive change in your neighborhood. It’s a community that is both socially and health conscious, and where people depend on each other for growth and use shared resources to achieve maximum potential.

What additional public/private and community/corporate partnerships do you think are necessary to ensure social disparities don’t get in the way of good health?

The public, private, community and corporate sectors must learn to work together in order to help others, and get a true understanding of each other’s roles and contributions. Community organizations are grassroots organizations that are familiar and trusted faces in neighborhoods with firsthand experiences and expertise. This can be beneficial to corporate entities looking to positively impact those communities. Corporate organizations have funding, outside resources and knowledge that are not always available or accessible within certain communities or for community organizations. Both entities need the other to thrive and to fully impact underserved communities, subsequently bringing about good health.

What can community members do to ensure that we’re all truly working as ‘one community’? Local and state government? The media?

All groups must work together and share resources. A community should be just that…various people coming together, working together, and sharing for a common good and purpose. It is where everyone and each entity is looking out for each other and ensuring that growth occurs throughout.